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No One Teaches Us Hatered

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Make the choice not to hate

by: Patricia Robinson

Prejudice a word, that feels wrong-- a feeling without rhyme or song..
A feeling felt by anyone--a feeling that cant be fun..
Prejudice simmers beneath the soul--embedding itself, making our bodies cruel and cold..
Its a whisper yelling in that weak ones ear--over powering positive thoughts, creating fear..
Telling us hating is just and right--and when the message becomes to real, we have to fight..
Before we know it, even the whispers, we start to feel--as the touch of hate becomes so real..
We start to hate those we don't even know--as the negative of hate, even dims loves glow..
Hate comes in all shades of skin--its our choices, that keeps the hate with in..
Hate can steal one or a whole family--but love and God can help us see..
Its up to us to challenge that which feels wrong--our choices keeps us from weakness and going along..
Its a paranoia, a mental distrust of others--this prejudice thing can even make you hate your mother..
Its a blindness we allow ourselves, you and me--a hate that keeps us from being able to see..
From seeing the brightness of love glowing from others --that kind of love, that glows when we make a stranger a sister, a brother..
Ive learned to give the heart time to feel--and when the time comes , youll know its real..
We have to deal with the consequences, your fate--please make the choice not to hate..


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