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Surah Hud

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Mention two points from each of the following verses ,keeping in mind that Islam is the only way to Prosperity Here as well as in the Hereafter:
Surah Hud:
Verses 96-98
1. It is the Mercy   of Allah(swt) that he sent the Prophets with clear proofs and authority to guide the people in the world , so that they enjoy the fruits of Duniyah and Akhirah.
2. Whoever follows the misguided path will not prosper in Duniyah and in Hereafter, he will be disgraced in this world and punished in the Hellfire along with those he followed.
Verse 100
1. Allah(swt)related to Muhammad(s.a.w) about the nations before him which were destroyed completely on account of their disbelief as they were cursed in this world and the Hereafter.
2. It gives lessons for us to be saved from humiliation in this world and guided to the right path of the Anbiyas.
Verses 105-108
1. The Day of Resurrection is the result of what a person earned in this world. Those who believed will be blessed eternal Jannah and those who disbelieved will get eternal Jahannam.
2. Thus the fear of the hereafter is only in Islam which will make a person avoid sins and hoping Jannah he will increase good deeds.
Verse 114
1. Allah(swt) asks us to perform the Salah and help ourselves to wash our sins as it is a concession only for the believers.
2. In this world Salah gives peace to a disturbed soul, for any problem we can resort to salah and it is a key to Jannah.
Verse 120
1. Allah(swt) relates the stories of the Prophets to make us strong in our faith, as it makes us understand that Allah’s help is only for the believers and that He will destroy the disbeleivers.
2. These stories are proofs, a reminder and a warning for the believers to understand that Islam is the only way for prosperity in this world and hereafter.
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1. Allah...


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