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RARE PASSION : the peculiarity of an individual Rainbow- An arc of spectral colors usually identified as red , orange yellow , green , blue , indigo , and violet

An arc- shaped spectrum of color seen in the sky opposite the Sun especially after rain , caused by the refraction and reflection of sunlight by droplets of water suspended in the air

Diversity- perceives difference and unlikeness

Each person has a point of difference and variation in this planet

We have multiformity and individual differences that make us unique and unparalleled . Being the

only one of its kind , we tend to be unusual and not typical to somebody 's sight

A single solitary- a person whose radically distinctive and without equal

The uncommonness that makes us different from everybody seems so great that I have this feeling of being worthy to be considered in a class by itself , extraordinary ! I am radically distinctive and without a duplicate and likeness . A pessimist would say it only brings out great instability . But I opted to see it as an inspiration

INFLUENCE : Stimulation of the mind

A person who 's in action loves the urge of inspiring others . We have talents which are stimulated by the brain and discovered by our uniqueness and style . Animation is needed to bring out the spirit and kindle the fire within

Emotion- as one is raising a smile or evokes sympathy , we are affected by the things surrounding us and our humanity proves with joy , sorrow fear , hate . It arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort . But I admit that the power is by perceiving of touch which gives physical sensation , and thus awareness follows

Sentiment-can give us pleasurable or painful sensations . Some chooses to be guided by feelings rather than facts especially if the passion is strong

Humans usually have strong subjective responses . Although feeling and emotion are sometimes interchangeable , feeling is more general and...


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