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Stay True to Yourself

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Individuality-Stay True to Yourself
In middle school, it was like one of those cliché movies where you see the school divided into certain groups like the nerds, the band geeks, the losers, and of course the popular people. And who didn’t want to be a part of the popular group?! I know I definitely wanted to. They were great. They were athletic. They had great clothes and … they were successful in school.
I felt like that was the time when I needed to start changing things in my life. My clothes were no longer cool and I needed to have those clothes that all the popular kids wore. My clothes started looking to childish and they didn’t have the gigantic brand name on the center of the chest that people could read from miles away. Yes, everyone was wearing that. I started buying those clothes and even though I had the proper attire I was still on the outside looking in. I was still alone and it didn’t work out. I had no friends. No one I could really call a friend, someone that I would hang out with 24/7 and tell everything to. It was a tough time. Instead of focusing on academics, I was too busy trying to fit in and eventually my grades suffered.
All that trying to fit in during middle school didn’t work out at all. When I got into high school I tried a different approach to things. I decided it was time to be myself.   I have developed great friendships and have gotten good grades; I have made great achievements like making the varsity soccer team and keeping a good GPA. And through all of that I did stay true to myself and I still do.
That time in middle school has taught me that trying to be like everyone else is a foolish way to approach anything. People should always be who they are and stay true to themselves. I know that I will never change myself for anyone because I don’t want to revisit that place ever again.


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