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I Am the Cheese Alternate Ending

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Rewrite of Novel Ending for I Am the Cheese
TAPE OZK015           2218 date deleted T-A
A: I saw light. Light that I've never seen before. Inviting light. Warm light. I could feel my body pull towards it. Then I saw them.
T: Saw who?
(5-second interval.)
A: My parents.
He really could see his parents. They were clear as day. They were in the light, and he was drawn to them. His father looked happy, and so did his mother. Something he hadn't seen in awhile. As he drew closer to them, they spoke to him.
"Adam," his father said, "you must go back." He shot a puzzled look at his mother and she only nodded.
"I must go back?" he said, "go back where?"
His mother spoke. "Back to where you belong, Adam." He could smell her lilac perfume and he was comforted. He didn't know what she meant, and he didn't know where he was, but at the same time, he did. He just didn't want to believe it.
"I can't go back now, I'm already here," he said. He didn't want to leave the light, the warmth. He wanted to sit in his mother's lap and feel secure, just like he did when he was little.
"It's not your time," his father said, "your life is unfinished, and you must go back." He was motioning Adam to go back the way he came.
He began to walk backwards, his eyes fixed on his parents. He understood why he must go back, even though he didn’t want to leave the comfort of his parent's presence. His mother blew a kiss to him and waved.
"Until we meet again, darling," she said as they faded into the light.
T: Where were you? Why did you see them?
A: Must you ask that? You know where I was, and why I saw them.
T: I'm only trying to help you unlock the details.
A: The crash. It was the crash. I had a near death experience and saw my parents. My parents that were dead. It's the only logical explanation.
T: Are you sure that's what happened?
A: Of course. I remember coming back and feeling the rough pavement against my cheek. It's...


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