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Family First by Dr. Phil McGraw is a useful book to parents struggling with chaotic homes. This book along with many others discusses tools and a step by step plan to solve a problem. Though out this book I have read plans and techniques; changing the ways of parenting and how to start off a new family with the right foundation. This book is definitely something I would use as a source of information if I was a parent. It opened my eyes to some of the things that my parents did wrong with my brother and I, and it teaches me that in the future these are some things to follow.
General Style
      Dr. Phil McGraw uses a professional writing style through his book Family First to convey a professional approach to creating a functional and peaceful family. As a certified therapist he has brought his knowledge from education and experience to create a book to help families everywhere. Coming from an educational background he has the understanding of how family dynamics work and what is a dysfunctional household and what is acceptable. But as a husband and father he also has the life experiences needed to relate to the audience he has written for. “Before I address the challenges your children will face if one their biological parents is outside the home-or if you’ve introduced a new spouse into the family unit-I want to caution you that the majority of hurdles faced by parents in a nontraditional structure are the same as those faced by parents in a traditional structure” (15). Right here he has touched on two great points. The first being that introducing a new spouse into the family can be hard and difficult on the children because it is something different and change can be difficult. The second is that even with a traditional family (both parents together, no divorce) there can be as much trouble as a family with stepparents. From research and experience with diverse families he has concluded that there is no perfect family, each one has a string of issues....


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