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High School Allegory

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High School Memory
          I’m up 30 minutes before my alarm clock just lying in bed anxious for my day to start. I start making an inference on what my first day of high school will be. Will I get lost? Will I get picked on? Or will I get thrown in a trash can? Before I know it I hear my cell phone alarm going off. I immediately get up from my bed. I had my clothes already laid out, I get dressed quickly. As I climb down the tree to go to the kitchen I notice my mother is already up. As I’m get into the kitchen I see a huge bowl filled with fresh pick bamboo and a glass of warm milk. I sit down and begin to eat, but then I realized I could because my stomach was in knots. My mother told me to relax its just high school. Her words were echoing in my head as I’m on my way to school. When I walk into the school I start analyzing everything that is around me. I see giraffes in their basketball jerseys hanging out in a corner. In the other corner I see the football team full of rhinos, lions, and gorilla just throwing a football back and forth. Then I focus in getting to my first period but I had a hard time comprehending in which in which tree my rooms were in or was it in the bottom floor. A toucan flies towards me asking me if I needed help and he showed me how to get my class. As I’m walking to class I see moneys extending their arms and jumping from vine to vine getting to their classes. As a consequence of being distracted I bump into a raccoon. I apologized as I was walking away to get my class. As the first 5 minutes in class I start looking for my cell phone to see what time it was but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I started sequencing everything that happened to me before I got to class. The only relevant effect that could have caused me to lose my cell phone was when I bumped into the raccoon. But it couldn’t have possibly fallen out, I would’ve heard it. Then I came to the conclusion that the conniving little raccoon stole it. I start evaluating my class...


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