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Should Curfews Fo Minors Be Allowed?

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Reasons a Curfew is a Bad Idea
1. Curfews don't reduce crime.

Every study done on the effect of curfews has shown that they do nothing to reduce crime.  Nor do they protect young people from being the victims of crime.  You only have to do a Google search for "crime curfew study" and you will see study after study showing curfews to be a failure by these standards.  Yet, not one study shows curfews to be effective.

2. Curfew laws are often seen as hiding the government's failure.

When introduced as a tool for reducing the crime rate, a curfew is not even a band-aid — it's a smokescreen.  Curfews make it appear as though local government is doing something about crime, without actually requiring them to address the real problems of poverty, racism, and poor police-community relations.

3. Curfew laws take resources away from fighting crime.

The vast majority of crimes committed in almost all communities are committed by adults, and crimes committed by adults are on average more severe than crimes committed by children.  The more time and money the police spend enforcing curfews, the less resources they have to fight real crimes — violent crimes that directly threaten the safety of everyone in the community.

4. Curfews should be enforced by parents.

It is not the government's job to raise our children.  Parents have the responsibility to make sure their children are home at a reasonable hour, and not putting themselves in danger.  When parents put this burden on their local government, everyone suffers.  Police must spend less time fighting crimes that have been committed, making the streets more dangerous.  Tax revenue used to enforce curfew means less money in everyone's pocket.  We should not allow irresponsible parents to harm the interests of the entire community.

5. Young adults are subject to harassment.

It is often difficult to tell if someone driving a car is an adult or not.  Even up...


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