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Some Principles of Stratification

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In “Some Principles of Stratification”, Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore state that stratification is universally necessary. Davis and Moore give reasons behind their theory that inequality is a necessity and show us what rewards society can make available to the people for the work that they do. In my belief, I agree with Davis and Moore that inequality is necessary in our society today to a certain degree. Even with inequality, people should treat each other as equals and respect one another.
Stratification is universal so stratification is necessary, according to Davis and Moore. Inequality is “an unconsciously evolved device by which societies ensure that the most important positions are conscientiously filed by the most qualified persons.” This means that each society must differentiate people and therefore possess inequality. Davis and Moore believe that the most qualified workers deserve the highest paying jobs. Here is where people are unequal. Some people have had the privilege of an education so they have the chance of getting a high paying job. The other people do not have a chance at a high paying job because education was unattainable to them, due to finance or other reasons.
I agree with Davis and Moore that the most qualified works deserve the highest paying jobs. The highest paying jobs require the most work or the hardest work so they deserve the best workers for that job. We can’t all have an equal chance in society with positions because if we did then everyone would be president, doctors, lawyers and etc. Everyone has different talents and some people are better at certain fields than others are. We need the best people to be doctors for our health and we need the best people to be in our political world so we have good control over society.
Society must induce people into doing their positions and doing them to the fullest potential. In order to do so, society must distribute rewards. Davis and Moore detail three rewards that society...


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