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Anger Management

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Where Does Anger Come From?
When you sit down and break down the raw human emotions that are present in everyone, you will find a surprising number of separate emotions which rule the way we live and fulfill our lives. On the surface, and as we are so very used to hearing quoted in the media - it would seem that we only have two emotions, and that these are what rule our day to day actions. These are "greed" and "fear".

However, ask any psychologist, and they will soon tell you that this is only the beginning of the story. Indeed, there are a number of other emotions out there which all play a part (of course, some are stronger than others) in shaping our lives and thereby our actions.

Anger - is one of those. For some people, anger is simply an emotion which is triggered on the rare occasion - perhaps when an extreme event happens. Here is an example of when anger would be called upon by the subconscious as a reaction to a situation in a person with a "normal" chemical balance in their brain.

Example: You are walking back to your car after a long days work, and you see someone reversing their car towards yours. Before you know it - they have hit the back of your car, and you see them realize what just happens. After looking around, the driver of the car doesn't see you - and simply drives off - leaving you and your insurance company to pick up the bill for the damage.

In this scenario, it is quite likely that you would experience an intense anger from deep inside. Someone has just damaged your property, and then run off as if nothing happened.
Where Anger Problems Begin
Let's now take an example of someone who has an anger management issue. As we just saw, the person whose car had been damaged felt angry because of the actions by the other driver. This is perfectly natural. Take a look at this next example - and see if you can spot the difference.

Example: You get home from work and rush to the toilet. Having done what you needed to do, you...


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