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'Hidden Youth' Problem in Hk

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‘Hidden youth’ is a nick name used to describe the teenagers who stay at home playing computer games without going to school and work. Most of them are lack of confidence as they cannot perform well in school. Some of them are caused by bullying. Some victims of bullying may afraid of other students and refuse to go to school. Moreover, computer game is an area they proud of. So they reject to do anything except playing computer game so part of them even needs parents to look after.

‘I … I don’t know……’ This is a common reply you can get from a hidden youth while they are, at the same time, playing computer game with eyes sticking on the monitor.
What are the reasons ascribing to?
Probably the first reason I can think of is the peer pressure. Bullying, in fact, is quite a common phenomenon in school. Many teenagers have been confronted by bullying in forms of verbal or physical. Being bullied, teenagers lose their confidence as well as self-esteem. So they decide to get glory from games rather than going to school or even going out.  

Apart from the peer pressure, family pressure is also a matter of concern. Given the rapid developing pace in Hong Kong, parents usually put extremely heavy expectation on their children’s shoulder. Those teenagers who are not academic may be given ultimately high stress. They may then hide themselves into computer game. Eventually, hidden youth exists.

What’s more, the education system here also contributes to the problem. the exam-oriented grading method makes less academic students feel frustrated and hopeless. They then find ways to get away from study------especially computer game. As they can build up their role as well as satisfactory, they would be addicted to the game and finally becoming a member of hermit.


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