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Education: a Lifelong Task

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Education is a lifelong task. Do you agree or disagree?
  Nowadays, education is an important key to success for many people. Education is not only to go to school for learning, it also means that people may learn from their family, social life, their work or by themselves. They always need to promote their life, their career, and I think you and me, so do we. Therefore, education is what we must spend our whole life on.

  Life is a learning process. Because you have had to learn many things around day by day since you were born. You learn how to stand up, how to run, how to speak and so on. You got all basic life’s skills and basic knowledge by yourselves or with others' help. When you were old enough to go to school, your parents sent you to school for studying. You spent all YOUR childhood in learning; consequently you could get a good level of knowledge to find a job after leaving your schools (graduating FROM high school or university). Then, you cannot stop learning because you have to fight for your work. Obviously, you have to get more and more knowledge of your field because your experience is valuable. There are many ways to obtain it, you could join a cyber class, SEEK knowledge from the internet or study yourselves. And even so after retiring, you must continue studying. Because you may have more free time, how will you kill time? You would like to enjoy the rest of your life; you must take care OF yourself, LOOK AFTER your health, and so on. There would be many things to learn. All your life is spent IN learning.

  In addition, everyone tries to get promotion in their job. People know that nothing lasts forever. Nowadays, life is getting more competitive; technology and knowledge change so fast. So, if they stop striving for that, they would be left behind, even lose their own position. Thus they should update their education all the time. Some of my friends even went back to university to study higher education because they wanted to have a...


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