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Talent Reward Exam
(PAPER – 2)

Class-VI (going to class VII)

Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 135


1. Attempt ALL the questions. 2. Answers have to be marked on the OMR sheet. 3. The Question Paper contains blank spaces for your rough work. No additional sheets will be provided for rough work. 4. Blank papers, clip boards, log tables, slide rule, calculator, cellular phones, pagers and electronic devices, in any form, are not allowed. 5. Write your Name and Registration No. in the space provided at the bottom of this sheet. 6. The questions paper consists of 3 parts: Part -1 ……….. Physics (9 questions) Part -2 ……….. Chemistry and Biology (14 questions) Part -3 ……….. Mathematics (22 questions) 7. Each question carries +3 marks for correct answer and −1 mark for wrong answer.

Name of the Candidate


Registration Number


FIITJEE Ltd., FIITJEE House, 29-A, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi -110016, Ph 46106000, 26569493, Fax 26513942
website: www.fiitjee.com

FTRE-2012-13- VI STU.-S&M (SAMPLE)-2


PART – 1
Straight Objective Type

This section contains 9 multiple choice questions numbered 1 to 9. Each question has 4 choices (A), (B), (C) and (D), out of which ONLY ONE is correct. 1. Tick the odd one out. (A) Motion of blades of a fan. (B) motion of pedals of bicycle. (C) motion of the pendulum of a pendulum clock. (D) motion of stone tied by a turned and whirling around. SI unit of length is (A) kilometer (C) centimeter An electric switch is used for (A) making or breaking an electric circuit. (C) providing voltage to the electric circuit. A mirror is (A) a transparent object (C) an opaque object (B) metre (D) millimeter (B) helping current to pass through wires. (D) None of these (B) a translucent object (D) a luminous object





In which of the following arrangements of circuit, the bulb will glow? (A) (B)
+ −
+ −

+ −




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