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First Day at the University

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It was m first day at the university, I walked through the building where I had to live for four years, and searched one door next another for my room number assigned by the administrator of the building. Finally, I got it and found there was already a student busy making his bed without a word.
After we exchanged “How are you” to each other, he could say nothing but continued his own bed work, paying no more attention to me. “ What a stuck-up fellow” ,a odd idea popped into my mind like a flash. Then I began to examine my room.   It was not different in the fittings and furnishings from any other room that I had ever seen before, but it had been thoroughly cleaned, there was no doubt that it was made by my new roommate, the guy with few words.
I stared at him. Hew was thin but tall, dark and with hair like a bundle of straw. His little dirty clothes and tired look ware clearly signs of a long travel without enough rest. His clothes were out of fashion and nearly fade on account of being washed many times. The coat was too short and the trousers too loose like an old over-used mop. The shoes he wore was made by rubber and nearly ran broken. He did not look like a freshman from cities at all, “Maybe a yokel”, I concluded.
The second time he spoke, his accent inform me that he wars from the south of China. “Shall I help you to get your luggage from the post office?” I did not refuse his warm heart, since I really needed help. He was quick in movement and walked out of the room, soon finished the work that I had to use half an hour.
“A good guy,” I said to myself. I will make friends with him. At moment when I feel at ease, I realized that I was not alone in this new place, I had to solve every problems of life which was done by my parents ever before. Moreover, I needed many new friends and began to fit myself in the new surroundings. The first night in my new room, only with my first roommate, I couldn't sleep due to my nervousness, the same feel in both of...


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  1. my experient on the first day at Technological University