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Michael Schwartz Period 5 10/18/09

The Renaissance played a huge impact on the coming of the Reformation. There were many long lasting effects from the Renaissance that played a big part in the transition to the Reformation. The Renaissance was a long period of time in the Late 14th through the 16th centuries. It was sparked with a lot of classical art, literature, and learning. A lot of those items were many of the long lasting effects in to the Reformation. I think Art was probably the most significant out of these many items.
The Reformation was a religious movement in Western Europe in the 16th century. This literally came right after the end of the Renaissance. There were two types of Reformations, The Protestant Reformation, which dealt with the Christians. There was also the Counter Reformation which dealt with the Catholics.   That was also know was the Catholic Revival. The Reformation leads to a series of religious wars that eventually turned in to the 30 years’ war.  
As you may recall, there were many famous Renaissance painters such as, Michelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, Peter Brueghel and many more! During the Protestant Reformation, many of the styles of art and humanism were expressed in their paintings. Many of the famous paintings from the Renaissance were expressed during the Protestant and Counter-Reformation times. Paintings such as David by Michelangelo. And The Peasant Weading by Peter Breughel.   Michelangelo had many famous painting strategies. His many famous strategies such as painting with nudes and much creativity. Michelangelo became one of the most famous painters of all time. The Church ADORED Michelangelo’s paintings. Shortly after this people got offended because the people of the Church didn’t like seeing nudes in paintings. The church forced Michelangelo to conceal all of the nude paintings. He was not happy about this decision.   However, This made the people of the Church very interested in the Arts and became of the...


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