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Ipod Touch?

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onday, 19 December 2011
iPod Touch?
Yes, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Apple products. I don't really like how complicated it can be to sync iPods, especially onto new laptops.


An iPod Touch would be kinda cool. It's neat that it has Wifi connection. It would be great to have my driving/walking playlist on it, and I remember using Paul's when I was in Prague last summer for his Google Maps app. I got lost fairly often, and that app was incredibly helpful. It would help me out tremendously when I eventually get to Europe. I could care less about it not having calling/texting, as I don't even really use my cell-phone often. (Hooray for prepaid cheap phones!)

I'm thinking of the 2nd generation, 8GB. The smallest storage size and the oldest version with WiFi is good enough for me, since I already have my 80GB Classic iPod which is four years old and still going strong (even though syncing it is such a pain anytime I get a new hard-drive). I've seen some good-condition used 2nd Gen's for around $100, which isn't too bad, I don't think.

I'm just thinking of what I would get myself when I get my buyback money in January. I'm thinking of getting one item for myself as a reward for my hard work and a record profit, but there isn't really anything else that I want. (Other than a Nikon D3000, but that will be my "big girl job" gift to myself, whenever that happens.)

I've been spending so much on other peoples' Christmas gifts and supplies to make items for my Etsy, and I stressed and worked SO MUCH during the buybacks - I kinda want one fun/cool/neat thing to get for myself.

I don't know - is a 2nd Gen iPod Touch a good idea, or should I treat myself to something completely different? Obviously most of my $1000 will be put aside and saved.


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