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Who Is Happy?

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To begin with, I would like to throw light on why did I opt for this topic over other loud, appealing and boring issues which catches the eye of every indian in today's life like terrorism, corruption and many more. The only reason behind this choice of mine was the fact that this topic is the most important and neglected one in this modern lifestyle. Now coming to the point : WHO IS HAPPY?? Is it BILL GATES or the AMBANI'S who have all the wealth of the world or is it SACHIN TENDULKAR who   holds all the records of the world or is it a COMMON MAN   in india who earns his livelihood and simultaneously saves for his future? Ofcourse, it is tough to answer atleast for me, an engineering student who is always busy in memorising those useless and impractical equations of maths and physics and somehow tries to seek the   rarest of the rare happiness in those formulaes. So, dont expect me to give you a trustworthy answer because I am myself not sure whether I would be able to answer this question by the end of this article. The correct answer to the question lies in the fact that how do you define happiness. For some it is money, infact a lot of money, some find happiness in praise, while some wants to remain unnoticed, some wants adventures in their life to be happy, while other go for safe and secured life to be happy.... so I would say happiness is not a definable emotion. So again, the same question arises WHO IS HAPPY?

As it may be clear to some that the answer to the question may vary from person to person. Although I am writing this article as an ESSAY but I have no restriction to put forward my own views. So WHO IS HAPPY according to me?? what is happiness according to me?? I wont say that one who is satisfied is happy because again SATISFACTION is a consolatory and obvious answer because I, in my small life span have never come to know what satisfaction actually is. May be because I have choosen the wrong career! Or may be I have never tried...


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