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"Tui Le LoH Mo Chow HAi. -- means good websiTe!" - Giang


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Jong hyun koo                                                                                                                         Koo1
WRT 101-046
4 December 11
                                                      Paper#2:   The Mask
      The origin of the ‘masquerade’ goes back to the days of Roman Empire. Aristocrats in the Roman Empire used to have a masquerade as a form of a social get-together and blind dating. They were instructed to wear masks that resembled animals. It was a thrill to dance and socialize with someone that they didn’t even know. Over the centuries, wearing masks, or idea of the mask itself has become more of a metaphorical term than a literary term. Today, the mask symbolizes the disguising of one’s personality and identity.
      Today, the matter of maintaining a stable and superficial relationship with many individuals has become more important than the matter of engaging in a profound relationship with a few. Good job opportunity, good political position and reputation, and other advantages to make the life easier come from interpersonal relationships.   More personal connections mean more money and power. In order to increase the network of contacts, people naturally try to change their personality in a way that many people regard as idealistic. Also, with the emergence of multimedia, the access to the ideology of many renowned individuals with ‘idealistic characteristics’ has become easier than ever. Whether it is through their autobiography or through their articles on the internet, the simple access to the contemporary philosophy and ideology open more chances for people to improve and change their personality. In other words, they have more opportunities to hide their true self, and cover themselves with new characteristics that other people like. Many people want to be like somebody who is held in respect and fame. It is the undeniable nature of human being. That is why they transform their...


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