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Basket Ball

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Some see the word ‘team’ as a four-lettered word: overused or under-useful. Others can see it as a
group of people that contribute positive awareness to the people or team mates around them. A team
comprises of a group of people linked in a common purpose. In this case; St. Raphael’s intermediate girls
basketball team.   Teams are especially used for completing tasks that are high in complexity and have
many interdependent subtasks. A team itself usually have players with skills through a coordinated
effort which allows each member maximise her strengths and minimize her weaknesses. Team members
need to learn   (including myself) how to help one another, help other teammates realize their true
potential, and create a positive environment that allows players to go over and beyond expectations.
Members include all players (even those who are waiting their turn to play) as well as support members
such as a team manager or coach. This season I expect our team to WIN. If you want to be a winner and
have a successful season, you need to find ways to improve. This means attending practices regularly,
treating your coaches with the upmost respect knowing   that they are there are their own times helping
you to become a strong and positive player. I can contribute to this year’s team by improving and
helping my teammates before myself,   I will not cheat any drills presented, and correcting myself if
doing wrong. Mr.Chun and Ms.Miele are amazing coaches. We are all   grateful that they have chosen us
to represent our school.   I now recognize that if failing to follow the terms on the contract, it will
jeopardize my position on the St. Raphael the Archangel Girls’ Basketball Team. Great players take
advantage of every opportunity to get better. Every workout, every practice, and every game is a chance


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