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Great stream of foreigners has grave inevitable consequences in culture and economy of the developing countries which lead to globalization of both.
          Firstly, at present, in my view, it is rather difficult to keep any culture from cultural globalization, because people can travel wherever they want over the world, they can absorb different culture from other countries. And now we have many opportunities to be in contact with all around the world.   For example, with the help of satellites we can show all TV channels of other countries without any difficulties. It has immensely enriched people’s knowledge. But on the other hand, it has negative effects on our culture, especially Fashion Programs affect our national clothes and style. We are going to lose our national style and forgetting to wear atlas, adras, shawels and so on. This is just one example about cultural globalization. In addition, in our country teenagers engage in emulating western wedding, they have forgotten the essential wedding of our culture in contrast to Japanese who are very strict with their traditions, customs and culture. As I am learning the Japanese language I usually try to get much information about Japanese people, their lifestyle, customs and traditions. And I have found out that they have kept their culture without changes for centuries. For instance, Tea ceremony has been held for 2 centuries although everybody knows how to make tea, and the process of holding it remains unchanged. But according to internet resources, in China Chinese youth like Uzbek teenagers prefer western wedding to national one. Also, children had been used chi English since they attended to school, the more they used, the more they lost their language, such as people pronounce taxi “di shi” in Chi-English, as a consequence, children do not know that the correct pronunciation in Chinese is “chu zu che”. From this point of view Japanese people are inflexible. They try not to mix their language with the...


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