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French Cuisine

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When people hear of French food they think of decadent desserts, black coffee, and croissants; which are all native of French cooking. The French also have a very specific way of how they eat their foods all throughout the day. All of these tendencies make the French, and their culture what it is today.
On a normal day in France a family would wake up to a small breakfast. They may have some home-made bread served with strawberry jam that was also home-made. Adding to their bread and jam, a French person might include a croissant to their breakfast plate. To wash down their meal the parents would normally have coffee, or tea. If they did choose to have coffee it would most likely be   plain black, or black with a pinch of sugar added in. The children would drink hot chocolate because to them black coffee is still way too bitter to their palette. Instead of drinking their hot chocolate in cups, they may have it served in bowls.
After a few hours later the people of France will take their lunch break. This would normally last from one to two hours if it Monday through Saturday. But on Sundays the lunch break is taken for an even longer amount of time. If the workers did not bring their own lunch to indulge in, they would go to a restaurant. Restaurants start to open about an hour before the rush, so around noon. They often stay open later than the lunch rush just make sure they can generate as much business as possible. Children attending school hardly ever bring their lunch. They have the opportunity to leave the school and get lunch elsewhere. They may go to a town restaurant, or their own homes. A typical lunch in a restaurant in France may consist of a sandwich on crusty bread, or the bread being toasted. They may also have a salad full of vegetables that are cooked, while some are not to give it texture. The lunch portion of the day is a time to relax and just enjoy what is being eaten.
Dinner is the most important meal for the French. They spend a lot of...


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