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Teenagers Should Be Given Unrestricted Freedom

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Q.I.(A) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below : (11)

As Deoli plat-form receded, I decided that one day I would have to break journey there, spend a day in the town, make inquiries and find the girl who had stolen my heart with nothing but a look from her dark eyes.

With this thought I consoled myself throughout my last term in college. I went to Dehra again in summer and when, in the early hours of the morning, the night train drew into Deoli station, I looked up and down the platform for signs of the girl, knowing I wouldn’t find her but hoping just the same.

Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to break journey at Deoli.   I think I was afraid to do this   I was afraid of discovering what really happened to the girl.   Perhaps she was no longer in Deoli, perhaps she was married, perhaps she had fallen ill.

Questions :
  1. Why did the narrator decide to take a break at Deoli ? (01)
  2. Why did the narrator cancel his decision of taking a break at Deoli   ? (01)
  3. What was the narrator quite sure of when he looked for the girl on the platform at Deoli ? (01)
  4. Do you think the narrator would remember this event throughout his life ? Why ? (02)
  5. How did the narrator console himself throughout his last term in college ? (02)
  6. Do as directed : (04)
  a. Write the antonyms of (i) believe (ii) offensive (01)
  b. This sweater is so warm that I can use it for my Kashmir trip (use `enough) (01)
  c. Many in Surat, will   tell how they were embarrassed (Add question tag) (01)
  d. Jay has been suffering from malaria for two weeks (Identify the tense) (01)

(B) Do as directed : (04)
a. As you got up this morning I watched you.
(Identify and name the clause)
b. All the stranger in the vicinity could hear the words.
(Change the voice)
c. ___________ teacher gave _________ class ________   assignment.
(Use the article)
(d) The Bajaj family lives in Bandra.


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