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If asked, almost all people would say that lying is morally wrong. However, majority of them lie to themselves and each other everyday, and most of them do that without any bad intention or being aware of what sort of problems lying   possibly result in. Kornet (1997) states that "Incidentally, when researchers refer to lying, they don't include the mindless pleasantries or polite equivocations we offer each other in passing, such as "I'm fine, thanks" or "No trouble at all." An official lie actually misleads, deliberately conveying a false impression. So complimenting a friend's awful haircut or telling a creditor that the check is in the mail both qualify." Lying could be excused only   if   it became compulsory in order to save a life or prevent someone from hurt. I strongly believe that lying is not permissible for the following three reasons:   lying harms the liar by selfdeception, it also harms those who are lied to, and there is always a way to tell the truth.

First problem that lying causes is that it is has negative consequences on the liar.Lying may seem a quick and easy way for solving problems but this is not true. Making up lies, instead of spending effort on dealing with the truth, results in damages in one's life eventually.   Lying is more than useless. It is harmful. Once a person choose lying to him/herself, instead of   facing the truth, it will be more difficult for him/her to deal with the truth next time. Lying makes people less realistic, therefore, less efficient in life. According to Russel (   ) "When we lie, we end up feeling like a liar, and we carry around the guilt (consciously or not) of the lie we told. Then we have to expend even more energy remembering the lie so we can keep it up and not get caught later. Ah what a tangled web we weave. Our life would be much simpler if we simply told the truth. Maybe we'd have some difficulties at the beginning as we learned this new method of communication, but so many problems would be averted...


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