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The Great Election Debate in the Uk

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The Great Election Debate

Using the three reports I have saw concerning the Election in Great Britain, I am now able to give you some details about what offers each party. They were two debates on television (for the first time in England), one more local and the other more abroad (for instance, they tackle the conflict in Afghanistan).

First of all, Gordon Brown (at the head of the Labour Party), who is current British Prime Minister, promises to all a strong economy in order to have secured jobs. He assures that he will protect schools and NHS.

Nick Clegg advocates the novelty. He insists on the fact that he is at the head of a new party, the Liberals Democrats, and that people have the possibility to do thing differently. It’s possible to create the fair society that everybody wants. In his opinion, old parties have let the values down. It’s important to add that concerning the Defense, he doesn’t want to go ahead and he wants to replace the new program. The two other parties are against this idea.

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, promises to offer change. For instance, he speaks about avoiding job tax, during his speech. His motto could be: “the government will support you”. He thinks that British people want government with the right values.

To conclude, it is important to add that Nick Clegg won the 2 first debates. However, the competition is still tight.

To my mind, each candidate (so each party) has bad and good arguments. I think Nick Clegg is quite cynical and at the same time idealistic. Brown said true when he told him to be realistic. Indeed, he wants to create a fair country where the government helps everybody which is impossible.

From my point of view, Brown is more combative than others about the future but he does not offer many new ideas.

I feel that Cameron stays more in the background. But if I had to vote, I will concentrate myself on each party’s program and the Conservative party seems to have great...


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