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These Days Everyone Seems to Have More and More Possesions. Do You Agree or Disagree?

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Currently, the world society is facing a problem called egoism; the majority of people are intending to own more and more things, which makes them become self-concerned rather than being generous and grateful towards each other. As I greatly value inter-human relationships, I agree with the claim above.

Living in the economic era, we have established many beliefs dictating that every human being must be valued and appreciated in accordance to the amount of wealth he or she has. Being the most active presenter of society, the media chases after rich celebrities, not ordinary people. In other words, the more money one earns, the more attention and respect he will receive.

Furthermore, I have an impression that in the past family members gathered together after a working day to share with their news or experiences, so that proper communication within the family is constituted and warm feelings amongst them are created. These days, however, people dash out the street or fly to some exotic island to show off their latest bought belongings or other luxury stuff. Consequently, they are lack of real communication which is the key factor that lead people love each other and maintain kind relationships.

Finally, having rushed to pursue more and more people become mind-captured by the things they own, replacing friends and relatives with them. Unfortunately, it is not the end and those seduced start to care about their possessions. Subsequently, they have no thought about the life blooming with feelings and experiences that can not be bought.

All in all, I admit people today are surrounded with their items considering them as a sign for better status, but each of them is making himself isolated from that society. Nevertheless, I believe we should not replace real human qualities with stocks of things and try to live in sense of kindness and love.


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