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My Idea of My World

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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Why just colour, we need the size too!!
Im keeping myself out from the Facebook fun these days. The only reason for that is my increasing love for twitter as a social network. Its simple, fun and useful in many ways than facebook. For example, if i have a problem in ubuntu, twitter status update is the best way to get the problem solved. If you want to check out a film before you actually watch it, a simple twitter search would allow you to know how the people all over the world from diffrent walks of life think about it.

Well, the preference for a social network depends on who you are, what you want and how many kilobytes of personal information you want to be leaked into the cyber space(and not to mention, the type of internet connection you have:P). I wrote a whole blog post on this issue and unfortunately, the recent ubuntu Vs XP issue in the home computer vandalised all the words, commas, fullstops and pictures beyond recovery :(

Fortunately, @ranmalee tweeted this post from Techcrunch about "twitter and how it is better than any other social networking services". So as a replacement post, read this and contemplate. After all, most of the ideas presented are similar to mine:)

eh, that is past and these days I see most of the women updating colors as their status updates!! I was wondering what the hell has happened to facebook or my lady friends there. In about 5 simple hours, my sms inbox was full of more than ten colour messages. In another few hours, mashable unveils behind the scene story as usual.

WTF, it is considered to make the whole world aware of the so called breast cancer. yeah, true it is a deadly disease, let alone just breast cancer, the whole disease called cancer is a freaky ghost. But how does the knowledge of one's bra color help to bring breast cancer awareness? In my idea, this colorful status trend of faceBook is nothing but a way to let the whole world know how many you-know-whats a particular woman...


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