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Education 8

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      Education is one of the main factors of development of the country.


No one can deny that the development of one country depends on the educated persons. Also, there are many other factors that are included in the progress of the country. I believe that one nation can be developed by their well-educated persons and by those who have awareness about the country. However, there are many nations which are undeveloped, have good facilities of education.

Initially, education is one of the main aspects in the development of the country. For example, an educated person feels that he or she has some responsibilities towards the progress of the country. That person will encourage other natives. In addition, discipline , rules and regulations , these are the needs of one nation .These can only be understood by those persons who take care of their nation.

On the other hand , not only education can develop the country , there are umpteen factors which help in the development. For instance, health is also main factors . One say , healthy person can develop the country more well. If one has good qualifications , but he or she does not has good health , they cannot think about the development of the nation. The second example is poverty. If one nation’s people are well-educated , but they do not have any job. Then this thing cannot make developed country.

Hammering on the last nail , in this world , some countries are developed and some of them are undeveloped. So, education is one factor of development of the country , but to make a country developed , government should give attention towards the other factors which are also considered while making developed country.

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