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Roleplaying in Sw: Tor

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Guide to RPing your character through Bioware Class Story Arcs!  
Hey, all! I just finished putting together a post on my RP guild's website about how to integrate Bioware's story arcs while still remaining true to your character story, and I thought you guys and gals might be interested in reading it. It might have a few references to characters you don't recognize since it was written for my guild, but I think it's pretty understandable. The idea is that we have a story-focused RP guild and needed some suggestions about how to combine that with the stories in TOR while RPing in the guild and with others outside the guild. I figure these are issues that anyone who worries about story, RP or immersion may have considered. So, enjoy!

NOTE: There are a few very small spoilers after the cut. I don't think they are an issue if you've been following the game, but if you are someone who can't stand any spoilers about the game AT ALL, you should be warned.
Tips and Tools for implementing your Character Story

Having played in the weekend's beta, I finally have some insight on an issue that a couple of us have discussed a couple times in the past. How do you integrate the story that Bioware has made such an integral part of TOR into your own character's background? For some people, this won't be an issue. There are those who have no problem ignoring everything that happens in game, but I personally am not one of those people. The class stories that Bioware has developed are integral to your questing experience all the way up to level 50, and for me, if I cannot include some aspect of that in my characters, then there's no point in leveling my characters at all - they can RP just fine in the forums or in the game at level 1. But it's more fun to be able to take the chracter that you've created and submit them to the stories that are a big part of Bioware's newest game - after all, that's why we're here right? So, here are few tips to help you do just that.

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