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Good Lies

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From when we were small, we were always told that lying is bad and that we should always be honest no matter what happens. However, there are some situations when lying is acceptable and it’s a better decision. This kind of lies is called good lies. There are two types of good lies.
Lying to make joke is a one type of a good lie. Lying to make joke means lying to entertain people and makes people laugh and happy. This type of good lies is acceptable and will not hurting someone’s feelings. April fool is one of the examples of lying to make joke. On that day, almost everyone lies to their friend and when they said ‘April fool’, people know that it was only a joke and will start to laugh. Because of April fool, 1st of April is more special than the 1st of other month and probably most of people are happier on the April fool day than on the others normal day. Therefore, lying as a joke is not also can make people smile but also can change the dull atmosphere to the cheerful one.
Another type of good lies is lying to protect or to saves a person’s life. This kind of lie is more than acceptable because everyone will lie in order to saves a person’s life and only bad people who don’t lie in this situation. For example when in war, people are forced to lie in order to save their lives. In such situations telling the truth would have meant the end of a person’s life and nothing is more important than life so lying is absolutely acceptable as it is done for good. It’s clear that lying to saves a person’s life is not only good but also can be consider as necessary.
As a conclusion, there are two kinds of good lies. One is lying to make joke. Another is lies to saves a person’s life. I think it is fine to tell these two types of good lies because it can sometimes bring better results than the truth would and in such situations lying would absolutely be acceptable.


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