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Mondrian Dress - Essay

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Mondrian   Dress
I have decided to write about Piet Mondrian’s work . He was a dutch artist, I have chosen to talk about the ‘Mondrain dress’. – It was designed in 1965 by a French designer named Yves Saint Laurent who was born in 1936 in Algeria.
Mondrian’s paintings were representational and showed the influenced of Georges Seurat's pointillism and the vibrant colors of Fauvism Upon his discovery of Cubism, Mondrian's paintings became more abstract and geometric. He eventually developed a style of painting he called neo-plasticism. He returned to Paris after World War I and made his most famous painting Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue (1921), a composition of primary colors in rectangles on a grid of black lines.In Mondrian’s paintings the black lines are the flattest elements, with the least amount of depth. The colored forms have stronger brush strokes, all running in one direction. However,the white forms, which clearly have been painted in layers, using brush strokes running in different directions. This generates a greater sense of depth in the white forms, as though they are overwhelming the lines and the colors, which they were, as Mondrian's paintings of this period came to be increasingly dominated by white space.
I chose to speak about this dress as it was inspired by Piet Mondrian , because of his use of strong primary colours which were eye catching .   Yves Saint Laurent   realised that the planarity of the dress was ideal for colour blocking .   He evolved a non-representational form which he termed Neo-Plasticism. This consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors.   This dress is an example of Fashion inspired by art, which relates to a quote famously said by Vladimir Mayakovski; ‘ Art it not a mirror to reflect the world but a hammer with which to shape it’.  
This piece of work ,I find – gives me a mood of tranquillity , although it is a strong piece of work ....


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