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Love 3

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Love? what is love? does something like love exists? well as far as i know yeah it does, and it changes you totally loving someone doesn't mean you can always have that person.
4 years back in high school i became friends with this beautiful girl Sandra she was enormously pretyy at first i never thought that one day this girl was going to make me a changed person and make me go through allot ..we became friends and as the time passed we became best friends from just friends, we had huge group of friends in which we used to hang around gradualyy our group started to become small many of our friends moved to difernt places.
2 years had passed i was toalyy into her she useed to tell me every single thing she trusted me and i uesd to tell her, one day i realized that i love this girl i cant even stay half an hour without her, i have left all the bad things no fights no girlfriends for 2 years i knew i have fallen for her one day i took control of my self and i told her that i love her. she was stunned yet she didn't felt odd she liked me too but she did not LOVE me. well i asked her out she refused i thought its okay i have still got her my friend its not necessary i should make her my girlfriend.
days passed on and all that time i was thinking that Sandra loves me, one day i asked her that if she loves me or not she said NO i don't, that was THE and will be worst night of my life, i was shattered totally and i realized true meaning of the love..its not necessary if you love someone you can get them love is about loving someone neglecting the truth if the other person loves you or not.


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