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Human Resource Development and the Christian Worldview

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In today’s society the Christian Worldview is almost non-existent. From maintaining the status quo to keeping the political agenda, each corporate entity suffers from the executive umbrellaof the stakeholders and its board of directors. God has been purloined far from our minds in management style and enterprise development. Alteration of such practices would now be consideredimpossible.
Many times managers strive to manage resources without having to consider the individual. Yet, it should be counted possible to consider management to include the considerationof the individual (Werner and DeSimone, 2009, pp. 34-53. Such a practice, in correlation with Biblical perspective, could contravene with that of contemporary management thought. What the Bible has to say about man, who was created by God, should be considered in order to comprehend the perceptions linked to the thoughts, practices, and beliefs of Christian-based management.
Consider modern management’spracticewhichdenotes to people as “human resources” (as the equivalency of natural resources). Although this modern practice is prepared to consider and meet the needs of the worker, its main objective is to provide opportunities for developmentand corporate gain. Consequences for such practices cause the exploitation of the individual by the business in the pursuit of materialistic gain (Bratton and Jeffery, 1999, pp. 170-190).
There are several contemporary management approaches to alike with a Christian worldview. Society tends to value effort and place importance on preparation and determination by emphasizing intellect, academic accomplishment, and motivational speaking.HRMTP identifiesseven secular approaches to the question, which focus primarily on the empirical, the interpersonal behavior, the group behavior, the cooperative social system, and the sociotechnical system(Bratton and Jeffery, 1999, pp. 170-190). The use of these approaches individuals is consideredto create an imbalance and all are...


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