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Kinds of Logical Order

Logical Order is necessary to achieve coherence. It is recognize three of the common kind, there are chronological order, logical division of ideas, and comparison/contrast.

Chronological Order
In the Greek “Chronos” is meaning time. Chronological is used for something simple and for complex as a history book. Chronological is not used to historical narrative.
There are two keys to writing a good chronological paragraph:
  1. Discuss the events (in a narrative) or the steps (in a process) in the order in which they occur.
  2. Use chronological transition signals to indicate the sequence of events or steps.

Topic Sentences for Chronological Order
The topic sentence of a chronological paragraph in some way indicates the time order. The process of paragraph such as the one about cloning technology, the process to be described is named in the topic sentence and tells the reader to expect a chronological paragraph.

Transition Signals for Chronological Order
Transition signals are especially important in a chronological paragraph. Chronological transition signals include the following:

Transition Words and Phrases | Subordinators | Other |
first,             First of all,       soon,Second,     after that,         gradually,Next,           finally,               meanwhile,Now,           last,Then | After                       SinceAs                           UntilAs soon as             WhenBefore                   While | The first step . . .In the second step . . .On the third day . . .During the night . . . |

Keep in mind that any time expression can serve as a chronological transition signal. There are some examples:
Later that morning In the next fifteen years,
Twenty-five years ago, From June through August,
In 2001. Before the invention of the fax machine,

Logical Division of Ideas/Order of Importance
Logical division is one of the most common ways to organize ideas in English. Grocery stores...


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