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Online Journal 1

For my approach, my technique is to share my example and experiences from work, because there’s circumstances that I have similar experience from my previous job. This is mainly due to my previous job deals with trading and exporting on computer software, as it may be a good approach to share my practical skills and recommended solutions. Based on our first to three rounds on the practice competition, we have seen several successful occasions we have done well. Even though, our team is not the greatest team, but we manage to share our ideas and communicate well together and build the team at its best position. However, we will continue to work out and solve problems together and bring the team to the top level on this competition. Regarding the peer evaluations from my teammates, I felt that I receive a fair grade on most of the items especially I can express ideas and provide leadership role on the team.

As of now, our team is going on the right track with all team members are on the same page and close communication. We felt that we are in a good position to do well on this competition after several practice rounds. We adopted our mistakes and would have a new approach accordingly.

I’m a team member who is positive and creative team contributor. My attention is to bring the team with new exposures, and help the team meet new goals. Based on our practice competition, I am able to demonstrate through giving new ideas and approach. My weakness is sometimes I’m too concentrating on one idea and disregard less of other ideas and inputs.   This is a matter where I have to take serious attention and improve accordingly.


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