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I Want to Be Just Like My Dad.

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                          I want to be just like my dad.

Many people throughout their life find themselves admiring a number of different people. In my case it has been different though, I have always admired the same person my entire life my father.

Ever since I was a young child and still I am young I always remember my dad trying to support me and cheer me up and give me the best opportunities in life. My father came from an average family but he did not finish his studies. At the age of 16 he already got a job. He pursues his will to build his own business and worked hard to give us the greater good, to feed us and provides us with an education he never had. I look up to my father so much because he continues to work hard everyday without any complaints. He has always taught me that nothing is impossible and that if you put your mind to something it can become a reality.

In the future I plan to be like my father in many ways. I plan to work hard and provide a future for my children, an even brighter one that I had. I plan to never spend too much money on things that aren’t necessities such as clothes and a overpriced gadgets. When I grow up and start to work with my own business I would like to live the simple lifestyle that my father lived and to never brag or showoff.

My father will always be my hero regardless of what happens to me in the future. His legacy will always continue to live on through whatever I do and I plan for my kids to know how great of a man he was too. I promised that I will study hard and get the opportunity to have high grades so my dad can see that all his hard work wasn’t for nothing. One day I will make my dad proud, one day I want to be just like my dad.


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