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Parents Should Make Choice for Children?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
Parents should allow children to make their own choices rather than determine their children’s future for them. (Family)

According to a recent statistic on the Internet, the number of parents who determine their children’s future is greatly decreasing. And that’s where contradiction arises. Some people insist on making choices for their children, considering that their children are too young to make reasonable decisions, while others argue that doing this is harmful because children will become less independent and responsible if their parents always make decisions for them. From my perspective, I agree with the latter one and have good reasons as follows.

4 x: t+ V, `+ B) ~: Y. i" mThe first reason I’d like to put forward is that children can achieve success more easily if they have the chance to make their own decision because they can choose something they really like. As everybody knows, people will perform better if they are doing the work they like. Take Liu Xiang, a famous 100-meter athlete, for example. He decided to learn athletics when he was a child. At first, his parents strongly opposed it, believing that it was hard for an Asian to excel at such sport and it would have adverse effect on his academic performance. However, Liu Xiang enjoyed running and insisted his decision. He did exercises every day with unusual passion and persistence. At last, he became the Olympic champion and set a new record of 100-meter race in the world. Therefore, those children who have the power to choose on their own can achieve success more easily.

Otherwise, if the choices are made by their parents, the children will probably not like those choices but they have to do the things their parents tell them to do grudgingly, hence will not perform as well as when doing a task they like. Thus, I realize how important it is to let children themselves make the decision.

Another essential reason that cannot be...


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