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Life Is Like a Lamp; Sometimes Dark, Sometimes Bright, It Depends on the Switch – Love

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Life is like a lamp; sometimes dark, sometimes bright, it depends on the switch – love

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my title today is ‘ Life is like a lamp.’

Several days ago I ordered a lamp online. After it arrived, I tried switching it on and off in the dormitory and then it dawned on me that the lamp can represent our life to a large scale. Life is full of both dark and bright moments just like the lamp, sometimes dark and sometimes bright. As a matter of fact, we can turn the lamp on just by pushing the switch; it’s the same with life. Can we shift the dark moments of our lives into bright ones? The answer is yes! We can achieve this by turning on the switch of life, that is--- LOVE. Then what can we do to make the world bright and beautiful?

Let me illustrate my answer with a story. When I was a child, my grandmother used to be a primary school teacher in a remote area. At the end of the semester, she promised to go shopping with me. While I was waiting for her to dismiss the class outside of the classroom, I noticed that several students were sobbing in their seats.   “Miss Zhang, we really cannot afford those fees, we are sorry. We should have left the school earlier.” Without hesitation, my grandmother said, ”It doesn’t matter, I want all of you to be here and I will pay for the fees.” Gently, she reached into her pocket, took out the money and put it on the desk. During this Spring Festival, all of them telephoned my grandmother to wish her a happy new year for without her help that day, they might not have been enjoying a cozy life in Shanghai or Beijing.

Mother Teresa once said, “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ’ In our everyday lives, we need to show our love to others whenever and wherever possible. It can be a simple ‘ thank you ‘ after being serviced by the canteen staffers; it can be a smile when you meet your friends on the road; it can also be a hug given to those who support you...


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