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Comparing Pride and Prejudice

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Comparing Pride and Prejudice and Bride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice is a 2005 British romance. It is a film adaptation of the 1813 novel by Jane Austen.   Bride and prejudice is the Bollywood version of pride and prejudice.   Although both directors made adaptations from the novel in there film, there are many comparisons between the English version and the Bollywood version. Both directors adapted the novel to suite there preferred audience. There are large differences between the two films, as they are reaching towards different cultures. The Bollywood version of the film is set in India, the Indian culture includes allot of singing and dancing.
In the opening scene of Bride and Prejudice it is clear that it is not set in England. This is firstly because of the instant sound of Indian music. The music used is exciting and upbeat. This is in comparison to the English version because the music starts of very calm and elegant. In the Bollywood version, the director concentrates on ‘Lalita Bakshi’ who would have been ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ in the English version. He also shows the scenery of the workers on the field. We then see Mr Darcy, and Balraj (Mr Bingley)’s arrival.   We instantly notice that Mr Darcy doesn’t fit in with the culture of India, and notice the shocked expression as he steps out of the plane.   Mr Darcy is American in the Bollywood film; this is why they used the original name ‘Mr Darcy’ unlike the character ‘Mr Bingley’ who is Indian in the film, his character name has been changed to an Indian name.   Mr Darcy says ‘Jesus Balraj, where the hell have you brought me’ showing that he is shocked at their way of life, as you can see a large difference in scenery.
This opening scene is very different in Pride and Prejudice. In pride and prejudice, they start off with calming, elegant music, which we find out is being played by one of the sisters on the piano.   This in contrast to the Bollywood film, as the director used very cultural music which is...


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