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Clock Work Orange

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• a clock work orange
• the main character's are alex, peat, george and Dim
• the story starts off with Alex and his four friends beating on a poor elderly man the conflict in this is there is no longer order in the society in the movie " law and order is no more" then they beat the man close to death
• next Alex finds another gang about to preform the "old in out in out" another way of saying rape in the movie until they are interrupted by Alex and his gang the next thing is they start a massive fight almost killing the other gang as well as the old man
• after their fight they decide to play a game with a derango 95 called hogs of the road cutting people off and causing accidents
• their last act of ultra violet was breaking into an elderly mans home raping his wife in front of him causing the old man to have a stroke
• as a way of relaxing they go to the ultra violet club where alex see's some rick people from the radio station " not caring about the wicked world around them"
• Alex is pretty much an evil person in an evil society where no one cares about the people any more and they live in an anything goes type of world
• mr deltoy is a consoler for Alex he might be the only person who cares about alex he try's to warn him saying if he keeps doing what he's doing he'll end up in jail
• after alex speaks with mr deltoy he takes a trip to the music store where he meets two girls that he takes back to his house and has sex with
• After that alex and his gang decide to try and break into an old rich ladies house they find a window around back but they tried to get her to open the door fist by saying he needs to use the telephone this is how they broke into the first persons house now this was in the paper and the old lady remembers reading it so she calls the police with out alex knowing. alex and the old women get into a fight she hits him with a pice of art and he gets her to the ground and beats her face in with a another pice of art...


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