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Should Richer Nations Take More Responsibility for Helping the Poorer Nations?

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Today’s world is becoming increasingly imbalanced in wealth among different nations. It is an irrefutable fact that while some nations are becoming richer, there are others whose huge numbers of citizens live below the poverty lines. Despite some heated debates many argue that local governments should take the responsibility to help their own nations combat poverty; however, in this essay, this writer would contends that the wealthy countries should do their best to help the poor nations in terms of health care, education and trade. The primary reasons for this are presented as follow:

If there were no poor nations in the world, would the world become harmonious? I personally believe that the poverty is the reason for wars. Because of impoverished lives, the people in poor countries lack adequate food and shelters; then they start resenting the rich countries. This resentment in time turns into hostility among poor nations, and the poor show their strong disputes and anger through acts of war. Therefore, I believe that the only way to keep the world peace and harmony is for all the nations work together to initiate an international fund to alleviate poverty. Not only can this funding can be used to improve people’s living standards and help more children to receive formal education, but it can also help to enhance and nourish mutual understanding and friendship between nations.

Further more, wealthier countries set international standards of peaceful negotiations worldwide. Hence, assisting the poor countries guides them in espousing new political dialogue and peaceful ways of combating their own national and international challenges against poverty. Through concerted leadership and mutual interest the poor and the reach nations can come to mutual agreements that will help them overcome social and economical challenges. Therefore, each country may regard the other as her best friend and partner. Take China as a typical example of a country that has...


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