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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Retirement

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Over the years, mankind has aimed to possess everything without making an effort. Imagine
that you are 50 years old, you have been working since ever and now have an opportunity to
go on early retirement. Since now, you can enjoy life, contemplate every single moment.
Would that be great? However, although it may lead to greater happiness, many people argue
that earlier retirement can lead to chaos and disorder for country and to massive
dissatisfaction for people.

Firstly, it is true that modern world is very demanding, people purse career and in relevance it
can lead to healthy problems. Long hours of working, stress, lack of sleep and leisure are very
dangerous for our bodies. Earlier retirement is a good way to cut off from everyday problems.
Moreover, it may be essential to start braving with serious diseases caused by the job. On the
other hand, passive existence is very harmful as well. People who go to earlier retirement, are
getting bored, sluggish. For some it is a big problem to go for a newspaper to nearest shop.
This kind of behavior may lead to obesity and other illnesses.

Secondly, early retirement creates job places for young people. Many modern companies
demand young employees because they are more effective. Furthermore, it is widely believed
that young people, as they need any job, would not complain about working conditions or
imposed responsibilities. Also, they have to gain an experience which is essential in every job.
Nevertheless, many people strongly oppose this viewpoint. They claimed that early retirement
is a waste of useful employees. Older workers are experienced, they have needed knowledge
in many cases. What is more, sending employees on early retirement is also a great loss for

To conclude, it must be said that earlier retirement has both sides. On the one hand, older
employees may have an opportunity to take care for themselves and have more time for
leisure. On the...


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