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The Importance of Female Characters

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The Importance of Female Characters in Hamlet
In the time of Hamlet, men were the dominant sex. Women of this period were usuallysubject to whatever faults men could place on them instead of themselves. With Shakespeare being a man of this time it is reflected in his plays, Hamlet is an excellent example. Through quotes and plot explanation I will develop this statement.The first incident of a female having some responsibility to a " rotten " situation starts before the play begins. Claudius, the present King of Denmark's brother, murders Old Hamlet because of a drive of ambition and for a love of Old Hamlet's wife, Gertrude. Although unknown to her role in what starts a chain reaction of murder and treachery, Gertrude is a pivotal person or the main conflict of the play with her son Hamlet.At the beginning of the play when we are first introduced to Hamlet, we can initially tell that something is troubling him besides his fathers sudden death. Hamlet's first response to the King's questioning of his mood is replied by "Not so my lord; I am too much i' the sun " ( line 67 ), showing his disposition to Claudius marrying his mother. Gertrude, portraying the dense woman Shakespeare has written her to be does not catch on the ambiguity of " sun ". " Seek for thy noble father in the dust " ( line 69 ), is her response referring to his dead father. This unease from Hamlet gives him more reason later on in the play to take revenge upon Claudius. An


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