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Portion and Inventory Reconcilation

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Popularity Index
-is a rank assigned to each domain, based on the number of unique sessions a domain receives.

Portion and inventory reconcilation
- is used when you've inventoried one or more items in stock and you have found that the actual physical count doesn't match the inventory level shown by AnyOrder.
Example, let's say that you do an inventory of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." You find that you have 10,500 copies in stock. But when you run an inventory in AnyOrder, it shows that you have 10,450 in stock.
Production sheet
Sales forecasting
-Projection[->0] of achievable[->1] sales revenue[->2], based on historical[->3] sales[->4] data, analysis[->5] of market[->6] surveys[->7] and trends[->8], and salespersons[->9]' estimates[->10]. Also called sales budget[->11], it forms[->12] the basis of a business plan[->13] because the level[->14] of sales revenue[->15] affects[->16] practically every aspect of a business[->17].
Example: If you wanted to forecast December's food and beverage sales, which averages 12 percent of total sales per year, you would need to know November's total sales--$100,000, and the average percentage of total sales for November--8 percent. Proceed to divide 100,000 by 8 percent to arrive at $1,250,000 million, which you will than multiply by 12 to arrive at December's food and sales forecast of $150,000. The equation would be: [100,000 / .08] X .12 = 150,000.
Sales history
-Summarized sales revenue[->18] data[->19] for a specified number[->20] of months[->21] or years.
Example:if last year's total sales were $100 million and your business anticipated additional food and beverage sales of $200,000 from contractual agreements that were entered into but not yet fulfilled and your annual sales average growth rate was 6 percent, you would add 1 million to 200,000 and multiply by 1.06 to arrive at $1,272,000 million in food and beverage sales forecast for the upcoming year. The equation would be: 1,200,000 X...


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