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Competition or Cooperation

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Which is the better way to teach children to become more useful adults, encouraging them to be competitive or cultivating the team work spirit in them? This has been the bone of contention among different people.
A sense of competition in the children can help bring out the best of him so as to outperform his peers. In coping with the pressure caused by competition, children can enhance the stress management skill and strengthen their willpower, which can contribute to their successes in the future. However, a child who regards competition everything might grow up being self-centered or selfish. Rather than being considerate, they might become too aggressive or even hostile to others. They might have difficulty getting along with his peers in school and later in life they can hardly work with other people.
On the other hand, the children who are taught to co-operate would feel like a fish in water in the working world simply because they are comfortable interacting with others to get things effectively and efficiently done. Yet still, we need to be aware of the fact that a child who has no sense of competition tends to be easily content with his status quo, thereby adopting a relatively laidback view of life. This might prevent them from making it big in the future.
In my point of view, competition and co-operation go hand in hand in today’s world. To make the children rounded people to succeed in their adulthood, we should teach them to be competitive and able to co-operate as well.


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