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Voodoo: A Religion that Teaches With Despair Come Great Hope, It Preaches Only Love
The practice of Voodoo is perhaps, as old as the African continent as itself. Sometimes, it is written as Vodun, Voudou or Vodou, the word itself refers to Great Spirit or God Creator. Even if you were to check out the word in dictionary, Vodun is defined as a religion that is practiced throughout Caribbean nations, particularly Haiti, is a blend of Roman Catholic rites and animistic beliefs, involving use of trances for communicating with ancestors’ spirits. Furthermore, “The Encarta Dictionary” states it is a theory, belief or method that lacks sufficient proof or evidence. This religion did spread like an epidemic to Haiti, but did not originate there. After being performed for practicing their religion, the African slaves adapted some rites and rituals to replicate the worshipping practices of their owners.

Vodun is a life avowing practice that encourages its practitioners and believers to better understand their own spiritual natures and natural life processes. Today, Voodoo is practiced by millions of people across the globe, in the Caribbean, Africa, Central, South and North America, in numerous forms, usually with components of Catholicism mixed in. However, its key objective always remains to heal; to heal a person in relationships within himself, other and ultimately with God. Currently, around 15% of the population of New Orleans practice Vodun. Never should this wonderful religious practice have been misused or corrupted the way it has been. Vodun has been greatly misused and tainted; vampires, devil worship, human sacrifices and dripping blood all make the stuff of grisly Hollywood movies and spooky novels. Yet none of these things ever belonged to or originated with Vodun. What may surprise people even more is Voodoo is an extremely loving religious practice, one that entails its practitioners to adhere to high morals and strict ethics. Summed up, these ethics pass...


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