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To Kill a Mockingbird - Atticus

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay
The nobility to have just behaviour or treatment toward certain situations and others is an aptitude that individuals lack. One should always consider being fair to all. Standing up for the right thing may cause harm to one, however justice is the fairest thing to deliver. The fact that it is unreasonable to treat others unfairly, makes being just a necessary quality in order for one to support the right thing in life. Not only that but being unjust is being immoral, which leads to unhappiness or problems. Even though one knows its natural for things to have justice, they may not demonstrate it when needed because they are biased. In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, Scout and Heck Tate demonstrate justice for they are capable of standing for the right things without fearing the consequences. This is clearly evident in Atticus’ reasons for defending Tom Robison in court, for his willingness to stand up against the lynch mob, and for decision to not insist that Boo be charged with murder.
Atticus believes that all citizen of Maycomb should have equal justice regardless of his/her religion or race. For this reason Atticus decides to take on Tom Robison’s case fully knowing they will not win; however, Atticus was devoted to trying to give Tom justice. Many others are shocked by Atticus’s decision to support an African-American man. The people of Maycomb do not approve of this and Atticus goes through a lot of name-calling and other troubles. If one decides to be just they shall prepare themselves to face all undesirable situations. The Maycomb city does not really appreciate Atticus standing up for an African-American man who is being accused for raping a white woman (Mayella). However, none of this got to Atticus, for he is all about equal justice. Atticus is well aware that even though Tom is innocent he will lose the case, since he is a white man trying to defend a black man. They could not win, “simply because we were...


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