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There are about 361 thousand people that find Eddsworld a great comedy on a world wide website called Youtube. There are three main characters form Eddsworld; and they all have different personalities named Edd, Tom, and Matt. Their real names however are Edward Gould, Thomas Ridgewell, and Matthew Havergreavs. In the following paragraphs their personalities and features will be explained.
The most important character in the comedy is Edd, also known as Edward Gould. He is the creator of the animation and also plays the voice of one of the characters in the animation. He is known for loving coca cola and bacon. He has the green hooded sweatshirt although indoors he wears a white t-shirt marked with “smeg head.” He has a rounded face with brown flat-ish hair. He is sort of selfish and doesn’t like to share some things with others and also often gets in fights with all the characters in the animation.
Another important character in the animation is Tom, also known as Thomas Ridgewell as his real name is. He has his own youtube channel but also plays in Eddsworld. He plays the voice of a few characters, some ‘extra’ characters and his main character. He is known for loving his guitar, which he names Susan, and his hair, which he names Steve. He has a blue hooded sweatshirt and a roughly rounded head with no eyes- but vision- and spiky brown hair. He also serious dislikes Christmas. Tom is considered the smart and funny one out of the three though they are all fairly funny.
Matt is the last important character in the animation; his real name is Mathew Hargreaves. He plays the voice of Matt in the animation in Eddsworld. He wears a hooded purple sweatshirt with a green over coat. He has a squared chin and a kind of spiky ginger hair. He is very egomaniac and kleptomaniac, meaning he is all about himself (egomaniac) and has to collect “useless junk” as Tom said in one of the episodes (kleptomaniac).
Over all Eddsworld plays a great role...


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