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[pic]Assignment no 1
{Based on unit-1,ECS-504}

  1. What are the steps involved in raster plotting a line segment whose end points are (x1,y1) & (x2,y2) using Bresenhams line drawing algorithm.

  2. What are the steps involved in drawing thick lines.

  3. How to convert Bresenhams sequential line drawing algorithm in to a parallel line drawing technique.

  4. What are the advantages of Bresenhams line drawing algorithm over DDA?

  5. Calculate all the points that would be plotted using Bresenhams line drawing technique for the line segment whose end points are (2,4) & (8,16).

  6. Calculate all the points that would be plotted using midpoint technique in the 3rd octant of a circle with radius 6 units and center of circle at (3,3).

  7. What is a video controller? What is its work? How it differs from a display processor?

  8. Calculate the location of the memory referencing the pixel (x,y) in the frame buffer whose starting address is   START(0,0) and pixel depth is m bits.

  9. Derive the expression for scan converting an ellipse using mid-point technique.

  10. Write short notes on

  a. CRT



  d. LCD

  e. Virtual Reality

  11. Differentiate between

  a. Raster scan display and Random Scan Display

  b. Beam penetrations and shadow mask CRTs

  12. In the derivation of Bresenhams circle drawing algorithm we have used a decision parameter d1=D(T)+D(S) to help choose between pixel S and T. However functions D as defined is not the true measure of the distance from the true circle. Show that when di=0 the two pixels S and T are not equally for away from the true circle.

  13. Use parallel line drawing algorithm for a line segment with end points (1,1) & (15,10) to calculate the

  a. sub-segment width

  b. Starting point of each sub-segment

  c. Initial decision parameter for each sub-segment

        Assuming that number of parallel...


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