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China's Recent Achievements

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On 1 October 2010, an un-manned lunar probe, named Chang’e 2, was launched into space. The launch of the probe coincided with the National Day of the People's Republic of China, in a symbolic celebration of the country's 61st anniversary. This birthday gift revealed the ambition to explore the moon. Apart from the advanced spacecraft technology, China had made big differences in the past 30 years. International and economic aspects will be discussed below.
In 2008, it was a nightmare to tycoons and investors. The occurrence of financial crisis bankrupted some of the banks in Europe. It triggered huge impacts on global economy. The negative effects had not faded out yet. Soon, their hero comes. “Obviously we continue to have more work to do on the economic front. More discussions with China are needed to achieve balance and sustained economic growth.” The United State president Barack Obama said .This implies that China has been an outstanding partner for the US or even plays an important role in dealing with the global financial crisis. In fact, China has grown rapidly that he grows from a developing country to well-developed country. Under the control by the central government, China’s economy had suffered less than the US and Europe unions. China also has a large market and consumption due to its huge population. Those nations will rely on China more so the role that China is playing will continue until the world’s economy recover.
The second significant achievement is that China had 64 US dollar billionaires in 2009, second only the United State’s 403. Due to the frenetic development in mainland China, some Chinese with flying color first notice the advantages of China’s market and cherish chance of investment and job opportunity. They work hard in order to make themselves better equipped with the tools to gain a competitive edge among the others. Eventually, their hard work pays off and gain access and accumulates fortune to become billionaires. Those new...


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