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The Passing of Time

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Time... What is it really? Of course, that's a rhetorical question, but Time really is a subject of a lot of speculation. How does it work? Why does it work? What will happen in Time?

Time is a concept that expresses the sequence and duration of past, present and future. It is everywhere, is relentless ( rilentles INPLACABILE) regulator of human life, always present from the beginning of human history, intangible,(intangbol) impalpable, but fantastically attractive.

The inability to block or to travel through have always plagued humans, powerless in front of his relentless flow.

(the passage of time has gone for me so far, is so wondrous. I would never had imagined 365 days ago that I would be in the situation that I'm in today. I like to think about how my life is going to get better, and how different it could, and probably will be, in just one year. What about 10 years? Where will I be then? I'd like to say that I can "See where I'll be by then" but even thinking I can imagine what will happen that far down the road is pretty foolish and very arrogant)

The only way that the human being has to handle time is the memory of which he is master: memories, emotions, events, anniversaries, everything that happens in the past can be fixed in our minds.
The memory then is the reliable companion of   time, that has the task to focus on what happens in the moments where life goes on.

In our century the relationship between man and time is configured as a chance to live freely according to the inner time: passions, emotions, sensations through which seconds seem to last hours and days seem to fly away.
Writers and artists have come to this result, following the fiercest (firsest PIU FEROCI) battles against the clock. Modern weapons of this battle are cameras, CDs, computers and they are incredibly effìcient. To relive (riliv) any moment, simply press a small button. Nevertheless/ in spite of this, the man continues to cling(CLINg -...


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